Our Story - How We Started

I have always loved silk scarves and evening wraps, but found unearthing decent ones quite frustrating. They were either very expensive, badly designed or reasonably priced but so thin they frayed easily.

At the end of 2016, I decided to follow my passion and set up my own scarf business. I found a wonderful wholesaler in Jaipur, India and was very impressed by the quality, designs and feel of their silk scarves and wool/silk wraps. Beautifully Rapt was born. As an online business, I have been able to keep prices much lower than if I had a bricks and mortar store. Also, the light weight of scarves has allowed me to offer free postage to Australia and New Zealand and cheap postage elsewhere.

I wanted my scarves to have lovely packaging, so after an extensive search and design process, I ordered custom-designed packaging from an Australian company. They also provided heat sealed black French ribbon that doesn't fray, so the bow at the front keeps its good looks! 

Getting the website up and running proved more challenging than expected, but Shopify provided me with a secure platform and payment facility I could trust. There will be a new website feature unveiled soon - a Photo Match facility offering a shortlist of suggested products based on skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. This is especially for the guys out there who might need a hand with an anniversary gift or birthday gift for a woman.

Hope you enjoyed this first instalment. I'd love to hear any feedback on my website - send an email to


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